Why so many House Rules? Well, most people do not need restrictions, however, in a transitional house setting respect goes a long way and rules help us to set boundaries. If you believe that any of the rules are unfair please submit a complaint and how we could revise, amend and/or get rid of any un-necessary silly rules. You have a voice because the guest are in charge of their own house! Again, respect_ one for another can lead way to rest and peace. Please use the complaint form and reference the number of the rule when submitting a complaint. Please feel free to suggest a fair rule that we have not thought of because it is a community living space. A land without rules is sure to take a great fall! We appreciate your cooperation! Grandma's House is our house together!Thank you for stopping by this page.


!.) You may not store personal items in the lounge, on the floor, under bed or behind beds because it's a fire hazard!

2.) You may not sleep in common areas because it's inconsiderate of other residents!

3.) Lights out at 11pm except night lights because some people have to go to work or just returned from work!

4.) House and lounge closed between 12am-6am for personal safety reasons!

5.) You may not float from floor to floor! Each guest has a designated floor. We have upper level, main level and lower level. You may put in for a transfer as each level opens up!  

6.) Do not disturb others because some people have a lot on their mind!

7.) You must share remote control and television because someone else may want to view a show too!

8.) Guest hours 10am-7pm! 

9.) All food must be stored in a bag with name (no loose food in fridge) [Why? for sanitation reasons and makes it easier to clean refrigerator without touching someone's food!]

10.) 15 minutes maximum in bathroom because someone may be waiting to use the restroom!

11.) Please do not bring extra furniture or any other items besides daily necessities!

12. NO FOOD IN LOCKERS because of bugs]

13.) NO STORED FOOD IN ROOMS! [Why? because of bugs!]

14.) KEEP YOUR SPACE CLEAN AND FREE OF CLUTTER and please do not store clothes, bags or other items around, under or on the sides of the beds. This is a fire hazard! 

15.) Do not move or shift furniture (beds, television, sofa, refrigerator, stove, lockers, etc.!) [Why? because furniture has been strategically placed in order by director, Richard Phillips, and it may be damaged!]

16.) Do not touch camera's or security devices which are in common living areas only! [Why? because we have virtual security officers monitoring the cameras and they are there strictly for your safety and the safety of others!]

16.) No weapons, drugs or alcohol! [Why? because we will ask you to leave immediately!]