Please sign Application, Disclaimer and house rules.  You will not be able to submit payment until your application has been accepted. It takes about 15 minutes for the background review. Thank you!


Please sign APPLICATION electronically via DocuSign.

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By signing  "I AGREE" below, you confirm to us that you understand: Please initial each bullet IF PAPER COPY or sign electronically below.
1. You agree that you can access and read this Consent electronically and that you agree to its terms and conditions;__________
2. You consent to do business with us electronically and you may request hard copy/paper format. ___________
3. You confirm and acknowledge that sleeping should be reserved for beds and sleeping in common areas are not allowed._____________
4. You confirm and consent that ear phones must be worn with all electronics with audio at all times. __________
5. You confirm and consent that your space must remain clean and neat when not occupied. All common areas cleanliness is the responsibilities of all residents.5a. DO NOT EAT ON SOFAS/COUCH! ________________
6. If you fight and argue with our guest/neighbors then your contract will not be renewed..____________
6a. You are fully aware of cameras in common places such as kitchen, living room/family room, on the exterior of the building, house and door alarms that are set after hours, as well as neighborhood camera on our street. _____________
7. NO REFUNDS: You confirm that you understand we do not provide refunds__________
7a. By signing this disclaimer you affirm and acknowledge, that 'we' refers to Grandmas Place LLC and affiliates, associates or third parties, "We do not accept liability for our websites being accurate, complete or up-to-date or for the contents of external links.

7b.  We are Not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or injuries resulting from any defect, error or failure of furniture or property from the interior to the exterior of the house. You stay at your own risk. __________
8. By signing this disclaimer you confirm such consent to a background review upon our consideration for transitional housing._____________.
9. You confirm such consent to do business with us and understand fully that we are not liable for loss or theft of personal property.

10. You confirm that you fully understand that Grandma's Place is a temporary housing solution and that you are not a tenant but a guest participating in a transitional housing program.After 30 days our fees are $95.00 per week.__________
11. You acknowledge that documents delivered electronically or by hard copy may contain information regarding your personal financial matters and you consent to the electronic delivery of such information unless you otherwise request hard copy in writing. __________
12. If you harass, intimidate, insult, cause injury by word or deed, smoke drugs or sell drugs, on premises, perform sexual acts on self or others, theft, loiter, drunkenness or disorderly conduct, destruction of any property of others or Grandma's place then you forfeit this contract without compensation or refund. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE PREMISES!____________
13. For the sake and consideration of others we are closed from 3am to 6am. Work related entrance or exits are exempted, excused and granted by request.__________
14. You fully understand that personal property left behind is not our responsibility. We will put all personal property in storage at a cost of $1 per day and after 30 days it will be considered abandoned and we will discard it.___________
15. You may print this Consent or save/access it for future reference or you may request hard copy.___________
16. This Consent remains valid and current until you or Grandma’s Place, LLC withdraws it.____________
17. For purposes of receiving electronic transmission of documents from us, as set forth above, our email address is

Please sign DISCLAIMER electronically via DocuSign.

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HOUSE RULES LOCATED ON HOUSE RULES PAGE! Please sign electronically via DocuSign.


1.) You may not store personal items in the lounge, on the floor, under bed or behind beds because it's a fire hazard!

2.) You may not sleep in common areas because it's inconsiderate of other residents!

3.) Lights out at 10pm in rooms except night lights because guest are resting!

4.) House and lounge closed between 3am-6am!

5.) You may not float from floor to floor! Each guest has a designated floor. We have upper level, main level and lower level. You may put in for a transfer as each level opens up!  

6.) Do not disturb others!


8.) Guest hours 10am-7pm!

9.) No eating other people food. We will ask you to leave unless it is an accident!

10.) 15 minutes maximum in restroom. No HAIR DYE!

11.) Please do not bring extra furniture. Do not add to our decor and NO CLUTTER


14.) KEEP YOUR SPACE CLEAN AND FREE OF CLUTTER and please do not store clothes, bags or other items around, under or on the sides of the beds. This is a fire hazard!

15.) Do not move or shift furniture. For example, beds, television, sofa, refrigerator, stove, lockers, etc.!

16.) Do not touch cameras or security devices which are in common living areas only!

17.) No weapons, drugs or alcohol!

Please sign HOUSE RULES agreement electronically via DocuSign.

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